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Nova Taipa

Nova Taipa: Living room

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Nova Taipa

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Frequently asked questions:

1. What standard are the apartments?
The apartments are equipped  in basis of self-catering apartments of 4 stars, of English Tourist Board.

2. Are the mattresses soft enough?
Yes. 90% of  mattresses, mattress pads, bed-linens & quilts were bought from Ikea of Hong Kong.

3. Are the bed-linens clean?
Yes. All the bed-linens must be washed before the coming of passengers.

4. Are fresh towels provided?
I am sorry, no..

5. Is there any additional charge from the electricity, gas etc?
No. The rent is the unique fee to pay.

6. Does the apartment have private parking?
I am sorry, no. 

7. When to arrive/depart?
Arrive after 02pm on the start of the booking and leave by 10 am on the last day.

8. How are we met?
Either directly at the apartment, or we can arrange for a pick up at the main terminals  free of charge for the first 4 passengers.

9. What is the restriction on use of the free phone?
The phone is limited to local area calls, but can receive international calls without  problem.

10. Does the apartment have cable TV?

11. What are the payment details?
20% on booking confirmation and the rest will be paid before the second night of use.

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